Intuitive Technology Group doesn’t just staff IT, it augments IT.

When a large healthcare organization based in Illinois needed help packaging their 600 end-user software applications it wasn’t as simple as putting a few bodies to work. They needed experience, expertise, and some extra know-how.

IT Consultants Who Are Also Partners

With a neglected software distribution system already in place, and their current application packaging plans lying dormant, they needed a team of IT professionals who understood their infrastructure and the way that Symantec’s Altiris software is supposed to work.

While the initial goal was to gain control of its software distribution, and standardize the way software would be delivered to their thousands of desktops, Intuitive also showed that they could gain visibility into its software asset management and software licensing.

By taking the time upfront to show additional Altiris capabilities, Intuitive soon helped them gain awareness into all software being used in their environment, and where its licensing may be out of compliance. This additional insight would allow for better, more informed, software management decisions in the future, as well as serve and protect in case an audit was ever needed.

Onsite Certification Lab

Instead of a quasi remote packaging solution that would have taken more time, effort and budget, Intuitive helped them build their own Onsite Certification Lab saving them countless hours in manual process every week.

The lab was staffed with four skilled IT professional resources (all with specific Altiris experience), and in the end they would own its own system for certifying and managing all 600 software titles and ensuring that each would work inside their organization and standard desktop/laptop operating system.

Onsite Certification Lab Resources:

  • Senior Packager
  • Junior Packager
  • QA Analyst
  • Business Analyst

Time and Cost Savings

Intuitive amazed even auditors and procurement specialists. What used to historically take 3-4 hours per software install now took 5-10 minutes each. And they future-proofed their IT software certification and packaging infrastructure with a documented and repeatable process.

Then when you add in Intuitive’s partnership, and its know-how of a streamlined system for managing software assets and licensing, they fundamentally changed the way they do internal business and their IT healthcare infrastructure.

Now that’s what we call Intuitive IT!