Assets & IT Services In One Platform

When a Fortune 1000 American food company needed one global solution with a view of all its IT assets and resources, they needed a proven IT solutions partner to help. Using Intuitive Technology Group’s real-world experience and IT best practices, they built a more structured process around its entire asset procurement and deployment environment.

Company Profile

  • Fortune 1000 American food company
  • Desperate IT systems
  • Asset data sources in various global locations • 10,000 managed nodes

Their Challenge

Multiple IT systems for managing assets and data; hardware; software; inventory; patch management; and computer imaging. Existing asset management and IT systems environment consisted of multiple systems and processes that didn’t replicate properly and had become unreliable and complicated to manage.

Our Solution

One, efficient IT system with a single view of all assets and data. Simplified existing asset management and system infrastructure by consolidating and re-directing all managed endpoints to a single asset management server using Symantec’s SMP.

Their Challenge

No computer hardware asset management and disparate asset data sources. Accurate hardware inventory, and computer hardware asset refresh cycle and replacement activities were significantly painful.

Our Solution

Implementation of Asset Management Suite to improve visibility into IT assets at every point in the lifecycle to reduce costs and fulfill compliance initiatives.

The End Result

A single, consolidated asset management & IT systems platform that manages locations throughout the globe all while enforcing regional security permissions. Countless hours saved by using a new, comprehensive system patching process (with policies) across multiple vendors. Visibility into assets prior to their arrival on premises and ability to conduct asset reconciliation during receiving based on serial number. Ability to generate reports that include cost information on purchased assets for budgetary and forecasting purposes. Accurate tracking of vendor contracts and ability to proactively prepare for future negotiations. Software compliance on a full range of installed software, complemented with purchase information, easily closing the software audit trail.