We Got This.

Creating a secure wall around your enterprise is becoming evermore challenging in today’s world of sophisticated but malicious hackers and cyber attackers. Malware and viruses are being created and worked on by hackers continuously, which is why your business needs continuous monitoring and managing to thwart and catch even the smallest possible point of vulnerability.

We build sustainable management programs on a grand scale for large companies.

Security Services

This managed service from Intuitive is built so every single piece of potentially at-risk hardware and software is tracked, logged and the aggregated data is centralized to pinpoint and analyze the security threats. Our service eliminates the need to hire a team to unravel the problem; we manage security threats with mastery and efficiency so you can get back to doing good business.

Solution Administration

  • Endpoint Management Remote Administration: If your team is efficient and lean, there may not be room for hiring staff just to take care of, understand and then manage the solutions for your endpoint users. Our remote administrator is set up to care for your critical systems on your behalf. We monitor log reports ensuring systems are healthy and running as expected. You receive log reports with what was done during monitoring: checked an issue, made a fix, all systems go, etc.
  • Security Control Remote Administration: When an enterprise initiates a security solution the first step has been taken in building a bulwark of defense. The next step is care and management of that solution. Our remote administration is an efficient way to ensure each end user’s computer is running the solution—the best defense is a wall with no breech.
  • Mobility Administration & Maintenance: Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) administration and maintenance are key offerings from Intuitive. Our remote administrators set the business policies for your end user’s devices, maintain the systems, update devices to ensure the latest system is running and track mobile devices to guarantee everything is working properly.