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Automating IT management and operations for your business is no small task. Intuitive has a long history integrating IT management and operations solutions for all company sizes and verticals. Our industry best practice approach covers a wide range of solutions. From endpoint to mobile management and service desk to business process automation, Intuitive has the talent, the methodology and the cutting edge solutions to achieve efficient results across an enterprise.

Endpoint Management

  • The lifecycle of an endpoint: Your team is outfitted with a bank of shiny new desktop computers. While it may be strange to consider the entire cycle of that new computer’s life before the flakes of the packaging peanuts have settled, it is vital to think through each phase. To ensure a long and productive life of an endpoint, careful management is a necessity and efforts such as software update and configuration updates are paramount.

Our solutions manage your endpoints throughout the following lifecycle events:

  • Procurement
    • Client discovery & inventory
    • Imaging deployment & configuration
  • Staging
    • Application packaging & delivery
    • Software management & virtualization
  • Production
    • Patch management
    • Business continuity
    • Monitoring & tracking
    • Remote assistance & troubleshooting
  • Retirement
    • Transition & migration
    • Disposal preparation

Mobile Management

  • MDM: Mobile Device Management from Intuitive works with corporate or personal devices. We implement device restrictions, device configuration and user empowerment as well as other necessary management tools to ensure devices used in relation to your business are never at risk and used to their greatest potential.

MDM tools from Intuitive:

  • Device restrictions:
    • Pass code restrictions
    • Camera restrictions
  • Device configuration and empowerment:
    • Email configuration
    • WIFI 
    • VPM
    • Certificates 
  • Self-service: 
    • Device wiping
    • Device location
    • Password changing

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

  • Mobile Application Management is just that: the managing of applications for mobile devices. We create an internal enterprise app-store related to the needs of your employees while they’re conducting business. Not only do we secure access to the various applications, but our security measures go one level deeper by securing the content being accessed, sent and used. This high-level security means users aren’t able to wipe or destroy the app along with the transmitted information. We also implement a firm policy around applications to make certain your sensitive data and content isn’t open to compromise.

Intuitive offers these mobile application management solutions:

  • Exclusive enterprise app store;
  • Publishing capability of homegrown and secure web apps;
  • Security of apps and inter-app communications enabling the user to operate the device as it is assigned; and
  • MCM: Mobile Content Management offers smart content delivery systems. Intuitive has easy, safe solutions for transferring data and files.

Solutions for content management include:

  • Secure content publishing;
  • Secure file and folder sharing; and
  • Sensitive content control including content expiration, content policy and update management.

IT Service Management (ITSM) & Workflow Automation

  • Service Request Systems: We set up sophisticated service request portals prepared to manage requests, problems, questions, issues or concerns with the many facets of information critical to the operation of your business. Our service solution manages incidents in an advanced ticketing systems that tracks and organizes problems and solutions for support analysts as well as self-service for the end user.

Requests will come, they always do. From an app freezing a tablet to a broken printer to a request for different supplies, we integrate IT Service Management systems specifically designed for your needs that will handle all requests efficiently. Intuitive is your go-to partner to develop, streamline and effectively automate your business processes to realize the most efficient, impeccable center for service.

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

  • Asset Management Process Consulting: Wondering where all your assets are? We can help. We’ll build a robust asset management program so you’ll never wonder where all your assets reside. Our systems automate asset management, which means you can pull data automatically to see at-a-glance where each asset lives in relation to everything else. Intuitive Technology Group pulls all the necessary data in order to get the full picture of the status of your IT assets. The findings are presented in an interactive report helping guide purchasing and procurement decisions. The automated notifications will keep you abreast of warranty due dates, renewals and potential end-of-life scenarios so you can be proactive instead of despairing. 
  • Massaging the Data: With the likelihood that concrete information about the current state of your assets might be spread throughout many sources of data across your business (some in accounting, some on a project manager’s spreadsheet, while some assets are left unaccounted for altogether) we are committed to gathering all that data and consolidating it, so the streamlined version is more accessible, easily accounted for, smart and clear.
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