IT Strategy Executed Effectively

A well-vetted IT security strategy by itself is unable to respond to security threats and risks without the integration of the security solutions it prescribes. This integration is critical as it ensures an IT security strategy is both effective and efficient.

Intuitive’s professional, multi-phased security solution integration methodology exceeds expectation realized across a wide range of security solutions.

Securing Endpoints, Mobile Devices & Networks

  • Anti-virus and Anti-malware: Successful integration of endpoint security is an exercise in a micro defense in depth strategy. Each layer of endpoint security is carefully considered, armed and fine-tuned to achieve unflappable protection. 
  • BYOD/CYOD: Bring your own device or choose your own device security solutions are implemented by Intuitive ensuring mobile device and application security objectives are in sync with the experience your various lines of business expect.
  • Email and Web Gateways: Phishing attacks and bot infestations are on the rise. In response, the command Intuitive demands in integrating security controls around web and email are unparalleled. 
  • Legacy System Protection: Products like Microsoft Windows XP are no longer economically supported. Since upgrading may be financially impossible, Intuitive created an approach that will secure legacy systems changing them from being a hacker’s target to one no longer worth the trouble.

Encrypting Data

  • Whole Disk Encryption: Often a critical point for encryption is the end user’s hard disk in its entirety. Intuitive’s integration services implement a centrally managed encryption system rolling out whole-disk encryption to key endpoints and providing them self-service support.
  • Email Encryption: Intuitive’s key capabilities implement best-in-class email encryption leveraging a centralized encryption platform.
  • Server Encryption: Client and server architectures are commonly used to work with and share data. Intuitive has the expertise to integrate a centralized encryption platform able to encrypt data shared between servers and clients. It prevents vital intellectual property from reaching a larger audience.

Implementing Data Loss Prevention

  • Brand Reputation: The way your brand is perceived is a central contributing factor to your success. We help ensure your brand moves forward untarnished. Our solutions to safeguard against debilitating data security breaches, like customer information leaking out are developed to seamlessly integrate with your systems. Our data loss technologies not only report how sensitive information is accessed, but also prevents that data from leaving the organization in the first place. 
  • Intellectual Property: Securing data isn’t just necessary, it is simply smart business. Through the integration of data loss prevention technologies we turn on the transparency necessary to detect who is accessing intellectual property, what is being done with it and where it is traveling. Additionally, Intuitive provides controls to ensure intellectual property data remains within the confines of the business.

Compliance Control Technologies

  • Industry Compliance: Intuitive Technology Group helps you check the box on your to-do list called “compliance.” We integrate compliance control technologies with the ability to report on each key area of compliance needing fulfillment. Through proactive monitoring and reporting; governing compliance bodies can review to ensure data is handled and stored within their level of tolerance.

Implementing Identity and Authentication

  • Multi-factor Authentication: Everyone has a password to login to email and the lists of usernames and passwords an individual holds grows year after year. The bad news is: passwords are increasingly poor measures for protection. Traditional models for securing access to data are simply failing to protect your information but multi-factor authentication adds an important security layering system providing deeper protection. Intuitive helps integrate deeper, more sophisticated security measures for your business’ identity and authentication needs like token generation, one-time-use password or biometrics, among other options.
  • Managed Certificate Infrastructure: Avoid the heavy lifting and constant up-keep of building your own certificate infrastructure. Instead, allow Intuitive to provide a managed public key infrastructure service, which guarantees certificate integrity while providing needed visibility.
Seamlessly Secure Your Business