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What We Offer:

Focus Areas:

  • Security


We provide executive coaching, team mentoring and consulting to help organizations optimize their workflows, team composition, and delivery. We coach executives and management to make the key decisions and model the behaviors that drive the operational efficiencies that organizations can gain through continuous improvement. We work with teams to showcase the strategies and tactics necessary to sustain agility in their environments. Our trainers help our customers continue to improve and streamline their performance through process. By working with the smaller teams individually, we ingrain the processes into the DNA of the organization so our customers continue to improve long after our projects conclude.

DevOps is at the core of what we do. Our team has deep expertise in the integration of the development, operations, security, and process that makes it all come together. Our developers employ all the agile processes and development CI/CD best practices to increase speed, reliability and operational efficiency. Our Cloud engineers are experts in Amazon Web Services, allowing you scalability, reliability and extreme levels of automation. With our Continuous Improvement/Continuous Delivery, we allow you the ability to be nimble and address customer needs quickly and build for elastic growth. Our security perspective allows us to integrate and implement security through both improved process and product implementation, leading to integrated audit compliance and organizational readiness. 

Big Data

Our customers have huge amounts of data. Knowing what it contains gives you a key advantage. Leveraging cloud and DevOps means that you do it efficiently. We provide the process to handle both structured and unstructured data. Regardless of where the data resides, we provide the tools and processes to get to actionable, accurate information from your data analysis. Our DevOps team can provide options to speed up Hadoop, access data outside of Hadoop, utilize your data lakes, implement machine learning, pull data from IoT devices and create self-service analytics for our customers.


This is our roots!  We grew up in the security space. We help organizations secure their operations and prepare themselves for new technologies.  Whether it’s inside your perimeter, outside, hosted, or BYOD, we understand how it all fits together and how you can protect your data, devices, IP and customers.  Whether it’s selecting a specific product, updating your processes, integrating your solutions, Pen Testing, or setting traps, we’ve been there, done that and can help you protect what’s valuable to your organization.