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What We Offer:

Focus Areas:


Our coaches have the ability to interface with organizations at each level.

  • We have executive consultants who have been trained and certified in business processes and can provide the tools that the c-suite needs in order to enable the changes within their organization.
  • Our management-level coaches can work on identifying the key team members, workflows and feedback loops to speed the flow of work through your organization, improve delivery quality and handle scale and complexity.
  • Our scrum masters, developers, and engineers can engage with individual contributors to adjust their work style and mindset to embrace the culture changes.  They can develop and implement the tools needed to address the daily requirements of DevOps.



Our consulting practice dovetails nicely with coaching and staffing – bridging the gap to your organization being fully functional and effective in its disciplines.

  • We can deploy individuals or entire teams to tackle specific projects, implement process and create the path for your team to follow.
  • We can engage on a short-term or long-term basis to not only address and prioritize backlogs of work and projects as you transition into DevOps but we can also lend a hand in getting the key work done, all while modeling the interactions that are so critical to the success of your DevOps journey.
  • We can become an adjunct to your team, while gradually transitioning our expertise into the core of your team.


As you get more flow and productivity out of your team, it will be time again to grow things as it positively impacts your business.

  • Our trainers engage with your staff on an ongoing basis to implement the culture shift and take on the increasingly fast pace of change that DevOps practices enable and facilitate.
  • Our trainers work on all aspects of implementing the culture of DevOps as it relates to your organization, giving feedback and guidance in the space that your organization can handle.
  • We help your staff achieve a continuous learning mindset to match the continuous improvement.