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100% Employee-Owned and Women-Led

Take Ownership of your career.

Employee-Owned and Women-Led 
Intuitive was founded in 2006, became employee-owned in 2017 and certified as a WBE in 2020. When Betsy Miller and Lisa Pauly stepped into leadership roles, they brought with them a culture of collaboration and diversity that has since become central to ITG. This commitment to representation, and the shared responsibility that comes with employee ownership, sets Intuitive apart from other IT consulting companies. 

Intuitive values diversity in our business and our partners. It starts internally with an employee-owned and women-led structure. The Intuitive leadership team is 100% women, and the board of directors and internal staff are composed primarily of women. The same tenets of diversity extend to the ITG candidate pool and partners. 

ITG employees hold 100% ownership in an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The fact that the company is 100% employee-owned means everyone possesses a unique voice that’s heard in a way that wouldn’t be elsewhere. Ownership promotes a new way of thinking on how the business functions holistically, top to bottom. Each employee has a vested interest in going the extra mile to ensure success for Intuitive and our clients. 

What is an ESOP?    

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan is a program that offers a company’s employees an ownership stake in the company. This sort of ESOP is a trust that’s been created to purchase 100% of the equity in the company in order to provide retirement benefits for the employees at no upfront cost to the employees.

Why did Intuitive establish this ESOP Trust?

When the decision was made to transition ownership, the owners could think of no better buyers than those who not only helped to build the company, but who would maintain the culture and commitment to clients and consultants.

Does this ESOP change anything?

The biggest change will be the additional retirement benefit for all current and future employees. Our priorities will remain the same. We will continue our commitment to the future of our clients and consultants and employees.