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At Intuitive, we only partner with industry leading IT agility, security and big data platforms. This ensures that we remain consistent and current with the direction of the industry, allowing us to develop and provide the most relevant and capable solutions to our clients.

SaltStack – SaltStack develops intelligent orchestration software to help enterprise IT organizations more efficiently secure and manage all aspects of the software-defined data center.

Tableau – produces interactive data visualization products focused on business intelligence.

Symantec’s teams around the world are developing technologies and building solutions to help customers secure and manage their information. The company has a robust portfolio and a long history of technology leadership

Box – provides a cloud-based mobile optimized enterprise content collaboration platform that enables both small and large organizations to securely and safely manage their content from anywhere.

Skyhigh Networks – enables companies to embrace cloud services with appropriate levels of security, compliance, and governance for financial services, professional services, healthcare, technology, media and entertainment, manufacturing, and legal clients.

Bomgar – is a next generation remote control with the highest levels of security and reporting of activity.  This will be Symantec’s ‘go to’ partner as a PCAnywhere replacement.

Flexera – makes the leading Windows software packaging product.  Additionally, Flexera is a leader in IT software license management, as their solutions package the license and leave in the secret sauce to track it

Basis Design – provides an integrated solution, Barcode Essentials, to track and scan devices via RFID or asset tags.  Customers are able to integrate Barcode Essentials with CMDB technologies like Altiris into common IMAC workflows for receiving information, stock room monitoring, device location auditing, and decommissioning

Arellia – provides advanced application security with a combination of privilege management and application whitelisting.  Using privilege management, administrator rights can be removed from end users resulting in a more secure and stable system.

PKWare – offers data file compression, encryption, and security solutions for mobiles, desktops, servers, and mainframes to fortify client IT infrastructure against breaches.

Cherwell Software – provides a SaaS-based and on-premises IT service management software platform to both small enterprise companies and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.